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The Most Reverend Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo

Running Time: 54:50 

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Pope Francis embraces the beatitudes as the road map to holiness.  They are the path of his pontificate because they were the path of Christ's mission.  In this lecture Bishop Sanchez asserts: "The Beatitudes explain and indicate the path and ultimate prize that is God's reward, which is what true happiness is."


The Most Reverend Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, Bishop of Vescovia

Bishop Sanchez Sorondo is the current Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. The Argentinean native was ordained a priest in 1968 for the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires. He went on to receive his Ph.D. in sacred theology from St. Thomas Aquinas University of Rome (1974) and a degree in philosophy from Perugia University (1976). He began lecturing in philosophy at the Lateran University in 1976, where he served as the dean of the Faculty of Philosophy from 1987 to 1996. Since 1998 he has been full professor of the history of philosophy at Libera Universita Maria SS. Assunta in Rome. Msgr. Sanchez Sorondo was consecrated Titular Bishop of Forum Novum (Vescovio) in 2001 by Pope John Paul II. He is the author of over one hundred articles on a variety of topics including St. Thomas Aquinas, faith and science, scientific humanism and globalization. 

(Biography courtesy of the Center for Thomistic Studies and the John Paul II forum of the University of St. Thomas, Houston)