Your Educational Partner

At the International Catholic University, we know the value of great curriculum combined with great teachers.  By using an ICU course in your classroom, you can combine your own expertise with that of a renowned Catholic scholar.  Rather than operating independently and offering our own degrees, we seek to be a partner to your existing organization and another valuable resource for your classroom.  You can direct your students to our website to obtain our courses at no cost to your institution, or we can partner with your school or library for streaming or digital lending.   

How it works

  1. Browse our courses by topic or lecturer
  2. Request a complimentary examination copy by emailing us at
  3. Determine how you will incorporate our courses into your curriculum as class lectures or take-home "reading" assignments for class discussion
  4. Instruct your students to purchase your selected courses from our website as an MP3, CD, or DVD, the same as they may purchase a textbook or other school supplies



Please note: International Catholic University reserves all rights to course content, and while we encourage classroom use of our courses, one individual may not purchase the course and distribute to a class our show in a group setting.  Think of our courses as texts to be acquired by your students.  If you are interested in purchasing the rights to a course to be used in a classroom setting, please send an email with your request to: