Lesson 12: Aftermath


Readings and Review


  • Catholic intellectual revival
  • Did Modernism survive?
  • Fallacies of Modernism

Suggested Readings

  • Gerald A. McCool, From Unity to Pluralism: The Internal Evolution of Thomism
  • Works of various 20th-century Catholic thinkers -- Maritain, Gilson, Dawson, DeLubac, Danielou, Balthasar, etc.

Suggestions for Review

1) Discuss the claim that the condemnation of Modernism blighted the intellectual life of the Church for decades.

2) How did orthodox Catholic intellectuals come to terms with the issues raised by the Modernists?

3) In what ways did the Second Vatican Council come to terms with those issues?

3) Is present-day dissenting Catholic theology a direct descendent of Modernism?


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