Lecture 11: Condemnation


Readings and Review


  • Condemnations by St. Pius X
  • Anti-Modernist oath
  • Enforcement
  • Benedict XV

Suggested Readings

  • O'Connell, Critics
  • Daly, Transcendence
  • Loome, Liberal Catholicism
  • Ranchetti, Catholic Modernists
  • Vidler, Variety
  • Schultenover, A View from Rome: On the Eve of the Modernist Crisis  Marie C. Buehrle, Rafael Cardinal Merry del Val
  • Lester Kurtz, The Politics of Heresy
  • Gerald A. McCool, From Unity to Pluralism: The Internal Evolution of Thomism
  • W. H. Peters, The Life of Benedict XV
  • Anthony J. Mioni (ed.), The Popes against Modern Errors
  • Jodock, Catholicism

Suggestions for Review

1) Delineate one of the following themes as expressed in St. Pius X's encyclicals condemning Modernism: denial of transcendence, materialism, perversion of spirituality, denial of authority, influence of modern culture.

2) What did St. Pius X mean in calling modernism the "summation of all heresies"?

3) Discuss the enforcement of the condemnation of Modernism.


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