Lesson 10: Modernism in America


Readings and Review


-William Sullivan

  • Gospel as morality
  • Pragmatism
  • Biblical criticism
  • Americanism
  • Unitarianism

-New York Review

  • Center of new theology

-John R. Slattery

  • Racial justice
  • Biblical criticism

Suggested Readings

  • Appleby, "Church and Age"
  • McAvoy, Great Crisis
  • Cross, Emergence
  • Ratte, Three Modernists
  • Fogarty, Vatican
  • ____________, American Catholic Biblical Scholarship

Suggestions for Review

1) Discuss the career of William Sullivan in the light of the Americanist movement.

2) How did the new biblical criticism influence scholars in the United States?

3) Was there a relationship between Americanism and Modernism?


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