Lesson 8: Other Modernists


Readings and Review


-Maurice Blondel

  • "Action"
  • Longing for God
  • Religious experience
  • Church as mystical community

-Henri Bremond

  • Friendship with Modernists
  • History of spirituality
  • Rejection of Thomism

-Maude Petre

  • Friendship with Modernists

-Biblical Studies

  • Marie-Joseph Lagrange
  • Ecole Biblique
  • Providentissimus Deus

Suggested Readings

  • O'Connell, Critics
  • Daly, Transcendence
  • Loome, Liberal Catholicism
  • Reardon, Catholic Modernism
  • Ratte, Three Modernists
  • Ranchetti, Catholic Modernists
  • Vidler, Variety
  • Henri Bouillard, Blondel and Christianity
  • Jean Lacroix, Maurice Blondel
  • Henri Bremond, A Literary History of Religious Thought in France
  • Henry Hogarth, Henri Bremond
  • Clyde Crews, English Catholic Modernism: Maude Petre and the Way of Faith
  • Ellen Leonard, Unresting Transformation: the Theology and Spirituality of Maude Petre
  • James T. Burtchaell, Catholic Theories of Biblical Inspiration since 1810
  • Jodock, Catholicism

Suggestions for Review

1) How did the new biblical criticism influence the people called Modernists?

2) What role did Bremond play in the Modernist crisis?

3) In what ways did spirituality, especially mysticism, serve as a means of "transcending" some of the theological issues of the day?

4) What did Blondel mean by "action"? Was he a Modernist?

5) What role did Maude Petre play in the Modernist crisis?


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