Lesson 7: Baron Von Hugel


Readings and Review


  • Biblical criticism
  • Experience of transcendence
  • Mysticism

Suggested Readings

  • O'Connell, Critics
  • Daly, Transcendence
  • Loome, Liberal Catholicism
  • Reardon, Catholic Modernism
  • Ratte, Three Modernists
  • Ranchetti, Catholic Modernists
  • Vidler, Variety
  • Friedrich von Hugel, The Mystical Element of Religion as Studied in St. Catherine of Genoa and Her Friends
  • Joseph P. Whelan, The Spirituality of Baron Friedrich von Hugel
  • Michael de la Bedoyere, The Life of Baron von Hugel
  • John J. Heaney, The Modernist Crisis: von Hugel
  • Lawrence F. Barmann, Baron Friedrich von Hugel and the Modernist Crisis

Suggestions for Review

1) How did the new biblical criticism influence von Hugel?

2) Should he be called a Modernist in the full sense?


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