Lesson 6: George Tyrrell


Readings and Review


  • Rejection of Thomism
  • Religious experience
  • Dogma as guide to practice
  • Anti-papalism

Suggested Readings

  • O'Connell, Critics
  • Daly, Transcendence
  • Loome, Liberal Catholicism
  • Reardon, Catholic Modernism
  • Ratte, Three Modernists
  • Ranchetti, Modernists
  • Vidler, Variety
  • Tyrrell, Christianity at the Crossroads
  • Nicholas Sagovsky, "On God's Side": The Life of George Tyrrell
  • David G. Schultenover, George Tyrrell
  • Maude Petre, Autobiography and Life of George Tyrrell
  • Ellen Leonard, George Tyrrell and the Catholic Tradition
  • Jodock, Catholicism

Suggestions for Review

1) What intellectual and personal factors caused Tyrrell to move away from Catholic orthodoxy?

2) What were his attitudes towards Protestantism?

3) What were his attitudes towards the traditions of the Catholic Church?

4) Compare and contrast his approach to doctrine with that of Cardinal John Henry Newman, especially in the latter's Essay on the Development of Doctrine.

5) To what extent was Tyrrell's thought included in the condemnations of St. Pius X? (Found in Reardon,Roman Catholic Modernism, and other places).

6) What is meant by "historical consciousness" and how did it affect Tyrrell's thought?

7) What is meant by "religious experience" and how did it affect his thought?


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