Lesson 4: The Church and Modernity II

Readings and Review


  • Liberalism
  • Blessed Pius IX and modernity
  • First Vatican Council
  • Liberal Catholicism
  • Leo XIII

Suggested Readings

  • Aubert, Church in Secularized Society
  • McManners, Church and French Revolution
  • Palmer, Catholics and Unbelievers
  • Warren Carroll, The Guillotine and the Cross
  • Raymond Corrigan, The Church in the 19th Century
  • E.E.Y. Hales, Pio Nono
  • ____________, The Catholic Church in the Modern World
  • Joseph Altholz, The Liberal Catholic Movement
  • Bernard M.G. Reardon, Liberalism and Tradition: Aspects of Catholic Thought in 19th-Century France
  • Hubert Jedin, The Church in the Modern Age
  • Daniel-Rops, A Fight for God

Suggestions for Review

1) Why was the Enlightenment anti-religious?

2) How did the Church respond to the Enlightenment and the French Revolution?

3) What factors led to a religious revival in the 19th century, even as modernity became increasingly secular and anti-religious?

4) How did popes and other Catholic leaders in the 19th century respond to modernity?

5) What was "liberal Catholicism" in the 19th century?


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