Lesson 3: The Church and Modernity I


Readings and Review


  • The Catholic (Counter) Reformation
  • Assaults on the Church
  • Enlightenment skepticism

Suggested Readings

  • H. Outram Evennett, The Spirit of the Counter Reformation
  • Marvin O'Connell, The Counter-Reformation
  • Roger Aubert, The Church in a Secularized Society
  • John McManners, The Church and the French Revolution
  • R.R. Palmer, Catholics and Unbelievers 18th-Century France
  • Henri Daniel-Rops, The Church in the 18th Century
  • ____________, The Church in an Age of Revolution
  • Jean Delumeau, Catholicism between Luther and Voltaire

Suggestions for Review

1) What impact did the Protestant Reformation have on the spiritual state of Europe? In what ways did it help usher in the modern world?

2) How did the Catholic Church respond to the Reformation?

3) Was the Scientific Revolution anti-religious?

4) How did the New Science permanently alter the intellectual outlook of the West?


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