Lesson 2: The Nature of Modernity II


Readings and Review


  • Modernity as anti-religious
  • The New Science
  • Enlightenment
  • French Revolution
  • Revolutionary movements

Suggested Readings

  • Owen Chadwick, The Secularization of the European Mind in the 19th Century
  • Coates, et al., Emergence
  • Paul Johnson, Modern Times
  • ____________, The Birth of the Modern
  • Peter Gay, The Enlightenment, Vol. I
  • Randall, Making
  • Thomas P. Neill, Makers of the Modern Mind

Suggestions for Review

1) Why did modernity develop in ways inimical to religion?

2) What is Modernism, understood in a secular social and cultural sense?

3) Discuss the cultural situation the 19th century, in which there was both a return to religion and an increasingly intense attack on religion.


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