Lecture 1: What is Logic?



Supplementary Text


I. Introduction

    A. Outline of this lesson
    B. Historical Survey of Logic

II. The Need for Logic
    A. Necessity for Art
        1. Contrast Instinct and Reason
        2. The Seeming Inferiority of Reason
            a. The Answer: Art
            b. The Example of Building: before the Art
            c. The Discovery of the Art
        3. Summing up the Necessity of Art
    B. The Necessity for an Art of Logic
        1. Reasoning Is an Action
        2. Reasoning Reflects upon Itself
        3. The Benefits of Logic
        4. Sums up the Necessity of Logic

III. Parts and Order of the Art of Logic
    A. The Principle of Division: the Operations of the Intellect
    B. The Logic of the First Operation
        1. The Treatises of the First Part of Logic
    C. The Second Operation
        1. The Mode of the Second Operation
        2. The Second Operation: Its End
    D. The Third Operation
        1. The Judging Part of Logic: Certainty
        2. Discovering Logic
        3. Sophistical Refutations

IV. Conclusion 


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