Lesson 5: Nature's Measures - Place and Time



Modeling -- p. 29 and 62 on quantity as individuating; pp. 29, 136, and 240 on continuous quantity; pp. 239-244 on measurement and metrical concepts.  

Elements -- sec. 19 on place and time; sec. 63 on the philosophy of mathematics; sec. 64 on number and the continuum.


1. What is Aristotle's definition of place? 

2. In this definition, to what does the expression "primary motionless" refer, in Aristotle's world and in our present universe? 

3. What is the concept of space? Is there such a thing as empty space? 

4. Explain Aristotle's definition of time and its relationship to motion. 

5. Why are time and motion referred to as "flowing continuums"? 

6. How can time and motion be said to exist?

Lesson 5 Figures:



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