Lesson 4:  Nature's Property - Motion or Change



Modeling -- pp. 76-97 on plant natures and their activities; pp. 97-113 on animal natures and their activities. 

Elements -- sec. 18 on motion; sec. 66 on philosophy of science; sec. 67 on methodological concepts; sec. 68 on physical sciences.


1. How are the activities of plants and animals different from those of inorganic natures? 

2. What different meanings are assigned to the terms "motion" or "change" in natural philosophy? 

3. What is Aristotle's first definition of motion? 

4. Apply the elements of this definition to the heating of water. 

5. How is Aristotle's first definition of motion related to his second definition of motion? 

6. How does Aristotle define action and reception, and how are both related to motion?

Lesson 4 Figures:


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