Lesson 2: Nature - The Inner Dimension



Modeling -- pp. 3-7 on causality; pp. 7-18 on the four causes in nature; pp. 22-31 on the inner dimension, the individual natural body

Elements -- sec. 15 on philosophy of nature; sec. 16 on matter and form; sec. 17 on nature; sec. 34 on substance and accidents; sec. 35 on causality and its kinds.


1. How would you define natural form? protomatter? 

2. Which is more intelligible, natural form or protomatter? Explain. 

3. Identify three different meanings of end or final cause. 

 4. Explain why a thing's nature can be called its "inner dimension." 

5. Enumerate the basic constituents of an individual natural body. 

6. Give three examples each of substances and accidents that are found in the order of nature.

Lesson 2 Figures:



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