Lesson 1: Fundamental Concepts

"Modeling" = The Modeling of Nature (Catholic Univ. Press, 1996), Page Nos.; 

"Elements" = The Elements of Philosophy (Alba House, 1977), Sec. Nos.



Modeling -- pp. 118-126 on knowledge, sensation, perception; pp. 131-139 on concepts; pp. 170-173 on sciences; pp. 300-308 on the demonstrative regress

Elements -- sec. 2 on logic; sec. 8 on predicables; sec. 9 on categories; sec. 12 on demonstration; sec. 13 on science; sec. 37 on epistemology; sec. 38 on knowledge.


1. How would you define knowledge? sense knowledge? intellectual knowledge? 

2. What is the difference between a percept and a concept? 

3. What is the difference between a real concept and a logical concept? 

4. How does natural philosophy differ from mathematics? from metaphysics? 

5. How do the concerns of the natural philosopher differ from those of the modern scientist? 

6. Identify the two types of demonstration that are involved in the demonstrative regress.

Lesson 1 Figures:


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