Lesson 2: Prelude 

Questions and Assignments

I. Causes of the Reformation:

1. Did the Avignon Papacy and the Great Western Schism set the stage for the Reformation?

2. Describe the effect of the Black Death on Christian life and religious life.

3. How did conciliarism contribute to the Reformation?

4. How did the Renaissance popes weaken the Church?

5. Describe conditions in Christendom at the beginning of the sixteenth century.

II. Attempts at Reform

1. Were Wyclif and Hus "Morning Stars" of the Reformation? What about Savonarola?

2. Assess Erasmus as a reformer and his effect on Christian society and scholarship.

3. Why was the Fifth Council of the Lateran a dismal failure?

4. Describe and assess the Consilium de Emendanda Ecclesia.

5. Why did sixteenth century attempts at reform before Trent sputter?


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