Lesson 4


Review Questions 

What were some of the abuses in the Catholic Church at the time of the Reformation?

What does the invention of the printing press have to do with the availability of historical sources for the study of the Reformation?

What religious order did Martin Luther join? How did his father react?

What is the Catholic teaching concerning justification? How did Luther's teaching differ from this traditional doctrine?

What is fiduciary faith? Explain.

Did Luther believe that justification meant an internal change whereby the soul becomes pure and pleasing to God? Explain his belief about the effect of justification on the state of a person's soul.

What are indulgences? Why did Luther object to their being bought and sold? Did the Catholic Church defend the practice of selling indulgences?

When Luther nailed the 95 theses to the church door, did he intend to found a new religion? Explain.


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