Lesson 8


Review Questions 

What does teleological mean?

Define social justice.

What is the common good? How does it depend upon an acknowledgement of God and of objective right and wrong?

Why does a law have binding power? How must every law relate to natural law?

What are the three species of justice?

What is commutative justice?

What is distributive justice?

What is legal justice?

Does property itself have dignity? Explain.

What does marriage have to do with social justice?

Why is fornication wrong?

What is wrong with contraception?

What is the end of medicine?

Is physician-assisted suicide consistent with the end of medicine? Explain.

Why do physicians have to get the informed consent of patients?

Why do we sometimes need to use punishment?

How can punishment be medicinal?

Should due punishment be regarded as violence? Explain.

What is the present view of the bishops of the United States concerning capital punishment?

What are the conditions for just war?


Choose one

Develop examples showing how specific rights are means to fulfill obligations.

Rumor has it that many inexpensive toys made in China are produced with slave labor, including child labor. Is it immoral to buy such toys for your children if you cannot afford similar more expensive toys made elsewhere? What if you find the toy at a garage sale or yard sale? Justify your answer using principles of Catholic moral theology.

A friend of yours says: "Catholics believe that pleasure is evil." How would you respond?

A man gives orders that he should not be put on artificial life support systems. His physician agrees. Is this assisted suicide? Explain.


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