Lecture 7


Review Questions

What is the Magisterium?

Can the Bible alone serve as our infallible guide? Explain.

Who can supply an authentic authoritative interpretation of the Bible?

To whom did Jesus give authority to go forth and teach all nations?

Define apostolic succession.

What are the implications of the primacy of Peter?

Who determined the Christian canon of scripture (i.e. which books make up the Bible)?

Name three ways in which the Church teaches infallibly.

What does "ex cathedra" mean?

Do we have to assent to teachings of the Magisterium that have not been identified as infallible?

Does the Church teach only general principles, or does it provide specific moral norms?


A friend of yours says: "The pope may be infallible, but unless a pope speaks ex cathedra on a particular moral issue, we are all free to follow our own opinions and do what we want to do." How would you explain the ecumenical councils and the ordinary magisterium to this friend? What should our attitude be towards the teachings of the pope that are not spoken ex cathedra?


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