Lesson 4


Review Questions

What is conscience?

What is prudence?

In what sense is prudence the mother of all the virtues?

How does conscience liberate us?

What is invincible ignorance?

If we have doubts about the morality of an act, what should we do?

What is prudential certitude in moral matters?

Why must we respect the consciences of others? How does antecedent conscience differ from consequent conscience?

Why should we examine our conscience every night?

How does commanding conscience differ from forbidding conscience?

What is a permitting conscience?

What responsibility do I have to form my conscience correctly? How can I go about achieving this reform?


Choose one

Imagine that a friend of yours says: "Prudence does not seem to be a virtue to me at all, but only the cowardice of people afraid to live life fully, with intensity and courageous recklessness." Write a response based on a traditional Catholic understanding of prudence.

What actions or habits contribute to the formation of a correct conscience? What actions or habits lead to an erroneous conscience?


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