Lesson 2


Review Questions

What is the Natural Law? How does it differ from the laws of nature?

What separates human beings from other natural creatures?

What is the Eternal Law?

How can reason direct our biological inclinations?

Do non-Catholics have any way of knowing the Natural Law?

Explain how the laws of nature are descriptive and Natural Law is prescriptive.

What is Prudence? Why is it important?

What is Temperance? How does it differ from Prudence?

How can Natural Law help us from slipping into subjectivism?

How is Natural Law valuable in discussing morality with non-Catholics? Does the Church teach that contraception is wrong because it is artificial?


Choose one.

Write an essay responding to the argument that natural law is part of Catholic moral theology and that non-Catholics should therefore not have to obey it.

How does natural law make it easier for Catholics to communicate with non-Catholics?

Respond to the assertion that the real natural law is the survival of the fittest.


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