Lesson 1


Review Questions

What are some common misconceptions about Catholic moral theology?

What are some methods people use to make moral choices?

What is the subjectivist or relativist approach to morality?

Define situation ethics.

What is consequentialism?

Define utilitarianism.

What is the legalistic approach to the moral life?

Is Catholic moral theology based on legalism?

Are evil acts wrong because they are forbidden or are they forbidden because they are wrong?

What does happiness have to do with morality?

Explain the words "eudaemonistic," "ontological," and "teleological".

What is the end, the goal, the purpose of human existence?

What are the two purposes of revelation?

What does revelation have to do with happiness and morality?


Write a short paper answering one of these questions.

How would a proponent of each of these moral methodologies view assisted suicide?

  • situation ethics
  • consequentialism
  • utilitarianism
  • legalism

What does happiness have to do with morality?

How does moral theology differ from moral philosophy?


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