New Testament: The Gospel of St. John 1:1-4:29

Msgr. James C. Turro

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The general purpose of the course is to inculcate a thorough knowledge of the content and structure of John’s Gospel and to familiarize the student with the diverse ways in which contemporary scholarship views the Gospel. Our specific objectives involve helping the student acquire a full understanding of the content and structure of John’s Gospel, heightening the student’s skills in exegesis and in the application of the Gospel’s message; and expanding the student’s knowledge of the cultural milieu out of which this Gospel grew.


Six 1-hour Lectures.

  1. Introduction, St. John 1:19-20
  2. St. John 1:21-31
  3. St. John 1:29-50
  4. St. John 2:1-11
  5. St. John 2:11-25
  6. St. John 3:1-4:29