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Buy all five of the core curriculum courses for the study of philosophy recommended in our self-study guide and save 20% off the individual course price.  


In Ancient and Medieval PhilosophyDr. McInerny introduces the philosophers that have shaped the ideas of Western civilization, comparing and contrasting their thoughts, leaving the student with a map of the beginnings of philosophy as it has come down to us.


Philosophy for Theologians  The aim of the course is to explain the ways Scripture, the documents of the Church, and the writings of theologians use “philosophy,” understood in its broad, original sense as the whole scope of purely human knowledge, to express, explain and communicate God’s revealed Word to different cultures, including our own.


Introduction to Moral Philosophy is a course in Ethics according to Thomas Aquinas.  It is intended as a guide - it will give the student the tools to evaluate human actions and their relationship to what is truly good.  



 Metaphysics - a study of the culmination of Philosophy.  Philosophy, as classically undertaken, is aimed at the Divine.




The Philosophy of Nature  In this course, based on his best-selling book The Modeling of Nature, Wallace guides the reader through the fundamentals of natural philosophy, explaining how the universe is populated with entities endowed with different natures — inorganic, plant, animal, and human. Much of this knowledge is intuitive, already in people’s minds from experience. Wallace builds on this foundation to provide a model of the human mind that illuminates not only the philosophy of nature but also the logic, psychology, and epistemology that are prerequisite to it.