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This course addresses basic Christological issues as articulated by Aquinas in the Summa and Summa Contra Gentiles. These include, but are not limited to: one divine Person with two natures, the hypostatic union and inferences from it, the prerogatives of Christ’s human nature, issues of redemption, and the three offices of Christ. Scripture and the writings of John Paul II and Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger are used.

 12 30-minute lectures

  1. Christ and The Old Testament
  2. Christ and The Gospels
  3. St. Paul's Hymns of Christ
  4. Controversies and Creeds - Apostolic Age
  5. Controversies and Creeds - Arius to Ephesus
  6. Controversies and Creeds - Chalcedon and Beyond
  7. St. Thomas Aquinas
  8. Modern Trends
  9. Modern Trends - Continued
  10. Contemporary Controversies About Christ
  11. Theories of Atonement
  12. Israel and Christ
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