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The Catholic Faith has been a necessary condition for the advancement of science throughout history, and it must be given a place in the world of science in the future in order for it to reach its full potential.

Science and Belief, a set of lectures originally delivered by the distinguished Dr. Peter Hodgson in Oxford, demonstrates that the Catholic mindset is the cause of the advancement of science throughout history. 

In Biology and the Faith, Dr. Hewlett effectively argues that there is a need for the consideration of purpose and intelligence in Biology.  He illustrates for the student the wonderful advances of modern science, but explains that it will never entirely understand the person or the soul without admitting the contribution of the supernatural.

These courses complement one another beautifully, and we encourage the student to study them hand in hand.

Science and Belief

Eight 50-minute Lectures

  1. The Nature of Belief
  2. Early Religions and the Rise of Christianity
  3. The Middle Ages and the Birth of Science
  4. The Renaissance
  5. Biology and Geology
  6. Relativity and Quantum Physics
  7. Cosmology and Theology
  8. Science in Non-Christian Cultures

Biology and the Faith

6 1-hour Lectures

  1. The History and Philosophy of Modern Biology
  2. Basic Biological Concepts
  3. Mendelian Genetics and the Cell
  4. Molecular Biology and Neo-Darwinism
  5. Recombinant DNA, Biotechnology and the Human Genome Project
  6. Issues in Modern Biology