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For two thousand years, Christians have been united by their belief in the Holy Trinity and the Incarnation.  Though these doctrines ultimately transcend the ability of our human intellect, the Church has a long tradition of teaching that delves into the mysteries and brings us closer to God.  Following the light of Divine Revelation, these courses explore the core of our Christianity, illuminating the Faith and carefully distinguishing truth from heresy.


The One and Triune God

Twelve 30-minute Lectures

  1. Trinity and Major Heresies
  2. Existence of the Trinity
  3. God the Father
  4. Son and Holy Spirit are Distinct, Divine Persons
  5. The Trinity in Tradition
  6. Two Processions and Three Persons
  7. Intellectual Generation of the Son
  8. Spiration of the Holy Spirit
  9. Internal Divine Relations
  10. The Three Persons are Subsistent Relations
  11. Circumincession and Works
  12. Missions and Divine Indwelling


12 30-minute lectures

  1. Christ and The Old Testament
  2. Christ and The Gospels
  3. St. Paul's Hymns of Christ
  4. Controversies and Creeds - Apostolic Age
  5. Controversies and Creeds - Arius to Ephesus
  6. Controversies and Creeds - Chalcedon and Beyond
  7. St. Thomas Aquinas
  8. Modern Trends
  9. Modern Trends - Continued
  10. Contemporary Controversies About Christ
  11. Theories of Atonement
  12. Israel and Christ