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Why does the Church teach that abortion is wrong?  Contraception?  Euthanasia?  What standards does the Church use to judge the morality of human actions, and where do those standards come from?  In the Catholic Morality bundle, our professors explain the reasons behind the moral teachings of the Catholic Church.

The Natural Law is an introduction to the innate morality of every human being.  Every person has a sense of right and wrong, and can live a moral life based on our human reason.  This course introduces the Natural Law, and explains how it should inform human laws.  

The Moral Magisterium of John Paul II examines human action using Sacred Sources, beginning with an understanding of the theological end of man.  While the Natural Law can guide a person to live a good life, revelation and the moral theology it informs is the key to achieving his salvation.   


The Natural Law
Six 1-hour Lectures
  1. Enlightenment Jurisprudence and the "Culture of Death"
  2. The Reasoned Foundations of the Natural Law
  3. Revelational Foundations of the Natural Law
  4. How Does the Natural Law Work?
  5. Natural Law as a Basis for Good Laws and a Protection Against Unjust Laws
  6. The Natural Law as Incorporated into the Teaching of Christ by the Magisterium
Six 1-hour Lectures
  1. The Sacred Sources of Christian Moral Teaching
  2. A Correct Understanding of Human Freedom
  3. Conscience and its Application
  4. Veritatis Splendor (The Splendor of Truth)
  5. Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life)
  6. Evangelium Vitae Chapter 3