Fr. James V. Schall


Fr. James Schall retired from teaching Political Philosophy at Georgetown University in December of 2012.  But he is not done teaching.  Through a partnership with the International Catholic University Fr. Schall will be recording many of his well-known essays and lectures, including a full course based on his popular “Introduction to Political Philosophy.”

Born in Pocahontas, Iowa in 1928, Fr. Schall served in the US Army, studied at the University of Santa Clara, Gonzaga University, University of San Francisco, and Georgetown University, and is a member of the Society of Jesus.  He is well known for his book, Another Sort of Learning, a powerful tool for life-long students who feel underserved by their formal education.  Generations of students laud him as a man who first convinced them that it was important to ask, “What is?”, then led them on the path to reality and truth.  He is a teacher of virtue, influenced by the writings of Aquinas, the Greeks, John Paul II, and Chesterton, to name a few.  And he currently writes on a wide range of topics and publications such as Crisis MagazineHomiletic and Pastoral ReviewThe Catholic Thing, and many others.