The Ralph McInerny Collection

Ralph McInerny, Ph.D.

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Dr. McInerny was an especially gifted teacher, a lover of Truth dedicated to sharing that love with his students.  He is known for offering instruction in difficult topics with a in a highly accessible style, always with a touch of wit.  His recorded ICU lectures are no exception, and they are accompanied by a rich collection on our website of lessons and resources invaluable to the student of Catholic philosophy.


In Ancient and Medieval PhilosophyDr. McInerny introduces the philosophers that have shaped the ideas of Western civilization, comparing and contrasting their thoughts, leaving the student with a map of the beginnings of philosophy as it has come down to us.


Introduction to Thomas Aquinas  acquaints the student with the great Catholic philosopher and theologian who has had the greatest influence on Church teaching.  This course tells the story of his life, and gives an overview of his thoughts, including the relationship between faith and reason, theology and philosophy.  


Introduction to Moral Philosophy is a course in Ethics according to Thomas Aquinas.  It is intended as a guide - it will give the student the tools to evaluate human actions and their relationship to what is truly good.  



 Metaphysics - a study of the culmination of Philosophy.  Philosophy, as classically undertaken, is aimed at the Divine.




Newman and Kierkegaard -  John Henry Newman, a convert to Roman Catholicism from Oxford, and Soren Kierkegaard, a Danish Protestant, each make fundamental contributions to our understanding of the relationship between faith and reason.  This course examines their different approaches.