The Philosophy of Nature

Rev. William A. Wallace, O.P.

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In this course, based on his best-selling book The Modeling of Nature, Wallace guides the reader through the fundamentals of natural philosophy, explaining how the universe is populated with entities endowed with different natures — inorganic, plant, animal, and human. Much of this knowledge is intuitive, already in people’s minds from experience. Wallace builds on this foundation to provide a model of the human mind that illuminates not only the philosophy of nature but also the logic, psychology, and epistemology that are prerequisite to it.


6 1-hour Lectures

  1. Fundamental Concepts
  2. Nature: the Inner Dimension
  3. Nature's Powers and Nature's Kinds
  4. Nature's Property: Motion or Change
  5. Nature's Measures: Place and Time
  6. Nature's First Unmoved Mover
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