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This course endeavors to explain the fundamental character of Aristotelian logic so that we can understand references to it in philosophical and theological discussions; so that we are able to perceive the use of logical tools in Aristotle and St. Thomas in order to read them with more understanding; and finally so that we can begin to use the tools of logic to think, write, and teach more clearly.


12 30-minute Lectures

  1. What is Logic?
  2. The Universal and the Predicables
  3. The Categories
  4. Opposition and Order
  5. Analogy and the Statement
  6. The Kinds of Statements and Relations of Opposition Between Them
  7. The Third Part of Logic and the Syllogism
  8. The Principles and Varieties of Syllogism
  9. Demonstration
  10. Dialectic
  11. Sophistic Reasoning
  12. Rhetoric and Poetics