Ralph McInerny, Ph.D.

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Metaphysics was classically understood to be the culmination of and stand at the summit of the study of philosophy. Prof. Ralph McInerny guides the student through some of the classic topics and metaphysics, showing how metaphysics leads in the end to knowledge of the Divine.

"The classical understanding of philosophy, that adopted and extended by Thomas Aquinas, seeks to answer the big questions. What is the purpose of human life? Is there a cause of all the things that are? In what does human happiness consist? Is death the end? What can I know about God? Philosophy as practiced by Thomas Aquinas addresses each of these questions, although some of them come only when the culminating science, metaphysics, is undertaken."  -Lesson 1

6 1-hour Lectures

  1. Introduction: The Metaphysics of Aristotle
  2. Presuppositions of Metaphysics: Incorruptibility of Human Soul / Proof of Prime Mover
  3. The Subject Matter of Metaphysics
  4. The Scandal of Generality
  5. Substance and Essence
  6. From Finite to Infinite Being: The Nature of Existence / The Names of God


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