Catholic Modernism

James Hitchcock, Ph.D.

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In this course, we discuss the origin, roots, and character of “Modernity” in general and then take a look in particular at the work of some nineteenth century writers called the “Catholic Modernists”: the intellectual milieu in which they worked, their views on the Bible, philosophy, history, and culture, and the response they received from the Church. Finally we will attempt an examination of the elements of their legacy within the Church.


12 30-minute Lectures

  1. The Nature of Modernity (I)
  2. The Nature of Modernity (II)
  3. The Church and Modernity (I)
  4. The Church and Modernity (II)
  5. Alfred Loisy
  6. George Tyrrell
  7. Baron Von Hugel
  8. Other Modernists
  9. Americanism
  10. Modernism in America
  11. Condemnation
  12. Aftermath