Medical Ethics

Margaret Hogan, Ph.D.

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This course begins with the background out of which the Catholic Medical Ethics grew. In light of those foundations, it continues with a description of the modern situation and its failure (as of the course production date of 2003), and concludes with an emphasis on the need for religious traditions to exercise their appropriate influence.


12 30-Minute Lectures

  1. Medical Ethics in the Catholic Tradition
  2. Principles
  3. Abortion
  4. Abortion (2)
  5. Research Ethics: The Ethics of Research Involving Human Subjects
  6. The New Eugenics: Therapy, Enhancement, Screening, Testing
  7. The Ethics of Cloning
  8. Cloning (2)
  9. Assisted Reproductive Technologies
  10. Maternal-Fetal Relations
  11. Issues at the End of Life
  12. The Distribution of Health Care