Introduction to Latin

Thomas P. Scheck, Ph.D.

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A wonderful short introduction to the basics of the Latin language with an emphasis on being able to read the Vulgate and major Church prayers in Latin.


12 30-minute Lectures

  1. Introduction and Verbs
  2. More Verbs
  3. Active Verbs Concluded
  4. Passive Verbs
  5. Nouns
  6. Nouns and Adjectives
  7. Participles, Imperatives, Subjunctives, Pronouns
  8. Translating: Pater Noster and Ave Maria
  9. Translating: Gloria and Magnificat
  10. Translating: Nunc Dimittis and Apostles' Creed
  11. Translating: Apostles' Creed and St. John 1:1
  12. Translating: St. John 1:2-18