Biology and the Faith

Martinez Hewlett, Ph.D.

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In this course, Dr. Hewlett argues that there is a need for the consideration of purpose and intelligence in Biology. Through a brief history of the sciences, a summary of the basic concepts of Biology, and a concentration on Genetics and the Human Genome Project, he illustrates for the student the wonderful advances of modern science. But while doing so, he emphasizes that however advanced it becomes, Biology will never be able to answer all questions about life and should always be subjected to an overarching philosophy.

6 1-hour Lectures

  1. The History and Philosophy of Modern Biology
  2. Basic Biological Concepts
  3. Mendelian Genetics and the Cell
  4. Molecular Biology and Neo-Darwinism
  5. Recombinant DNA, Biotechnology and the Human Genome Project
  6. Issues in Modern Biology